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Free Standing Cricket Nets

Enjoy hours and hours of extra practice in the safety of your own home with the Flicx Home Cricket System. Ideal for “homework”, where you can practice your cricket strokes at home. Use in conjunction with the Brell bowling machine for consistant deliveries. Junior and senior sizes available.

Flicx Professional Range

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Why The Flicx Home Cricket System?
More practice in the safety of your own home;
It should be used in conjunction with cricket lessons from a recognized cricket school;
Provides practice facilities for cricketers to do their homework before the next coaching lesson;
Easily assembled in your home at half the price of conventional net;
Portable – moves when you move;
Integrates into gardens no major construction needed;
Long Lasting – low maintenance – all metals are cast or galvanized to prevent corrosion, heavy duty netting UV protected;

The Flicx Skills pitch is easily laid, minimal preparation, providing an excellent batting and bowling surface;
The Flicx Skills Pitch, with target tiles, provides coaching facilities for honing cricketing skills

Where should I Place my Flicx Home Cricket System in my Garden?
There are no hard and fast rules covering the positioning of the Flicx Home Cricket System. However you do need to consider the following points:

A Hard flat surface is required for the Flicx Skills Pitch;
Lay it in a North/ South Direction- protection of the late afternoon sun;
Consider windows, neighbours and flowerbeds;
Should you require further assistance please contact you local distributor or agent.

Two sizes available – 3mx2.5mx6m and 3mx2.5mx9m (wxhxl)
The Heavy duty netting system is made from UV protected materials;
The pole system and connectors are made from high quality steels and
Heavy Duty Cable ties are UV stabilized;

Note: Always, when using or playing on Flicx Cricket Pitches, ensure that you follow the Flicx Safety Instructions:
- Never play Cricket on a Flicx Cricket Pitch without the necessary standard cricket protection. I.e. helmet, gloves, pads and box for hardball cricket
- Never attempt to move Flicx equipment ( Pitches; Portable modular net system and Professional Coaches Trailer) without first reading the safety instructions laid out and without the Flicx safety and Flicx Handling equipment (Flicx Safety Gloves; Flicx Carry Straps; Flicx Carry Cradle/ Flicx Carry Pole)
- Never attempt to pick up the Flicx Cricket Pitches with your hands, this could cause damage to your hands and to your back . Ensure you follow standard Health and Safety Regulations when attempting to move the Flicx Pitches.

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