Flicx Hockey/Fielder Machine (BHF)

The Brell Hockey/Fielder (BHF) was developed to give the hockey coach and the cricket coach the ability to train their players more effectively – all with one machine. The BHF was developed with this dual purpose in mind.
Using hockey practice balls, and through precision repetitive drills, the coach can use the abhf to hone the players’ skills. Unlike a human, the BHF will never tire. It will give perfect passes and shots at goal time after time.

By eliminating poor passing a shooting, the BHF will allow the coach and players to make more effective use of the limited training time available. The BHF also allows for more accuracy and safety during training sessions. It will deliver the ball where intended.

The BHF can be used for a variety of drills such as goalkeeping, deflections into goal, short corners, running onto the ball and stop and pass.

Some hockey drills the BHF can be used for.

The BHF can also be used by the cricket coach (using Brell Bowling machine balls) to improve the ground fielding and aerial fielding of his players. An added benefit of the BHF, to both schools and coaches, is the fact that the purchase of such a machine can be shared by the two sporting budgets.

The BHF can also be used for hockey goalkeeping or aerial fielding.

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