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Sport is an important part of South African culture, from hockey, rugby and cricket to netball, rowing, road running and athletics, sport keeps south Africans vital and healthy. Teaching a variety of sporting disciplines in schools around the country is also an important tool in youth development and youth empowerment, this is especially important within rural communities across the country.

Flicx South Africa is a dynamic brand and company that is dedicated to ensuring that all South African youth enjoy an equal opportunity in participating in a variety of South African sporting codes including the most popular ones such as hockey, rugby and especially cricket development. To this end Flicx South Africa have designed and developed a range of products and tools designed to assist youth in achieving greatness in cricket.

Flicx cricket netting and the Flicx cricket pitch, both of which have achieved popularity worldwide and are now a regular grass roots fixture all across South Africa as well as the United Kingdom. Flicx cricket systems including the Flicx cricket netting are further enhanced with the Brell bowling machine balls pitched from a variety of Brell bowling machines to produce the perfect practice environment for young aspiring cricketers.

The beauty of the Flicx system is that it can be easily transported and set up in minutes. There is no need for extensive grounds or formal pitches and so on, all one needs is enough space to set up the Flicx cricket netting for practice. With the Brell bowling machine balls which are certified ‘bat friendly’, any youth needing to practice their batting skills can do so without the need for a separate bowler. Batting practice can be greatly enhanced through specialized Brell bowling machines that can produce a variety of bowling attacks from seamers and spinners to googilies and flippers and every other variety of spin and pace deliveries.

Contact Flicx South Africa today and see how easy it is to set up a variety of sporting practice systems at schools and colleges for enhanced hockey, rugby and cricket youth sport development.

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Country Club Jo’burg
Country Club Johannesburg - Woodmead installs Flicx's Nets.
Ermelo Cricket Centre
Ermelo Cricket Centre installs Flicx's Nets.
Sandhurst Installation
Sandhurst Installation - Flicx's Nets.