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Flicx – built on a passion

When founder Richard Beghin realised there weren’t enough facilities for the increasingly-popular sport of cricket, especially in South Africa, he founded Flicx. He wanted to help make South Africa a better country to live in, and his passion for his country and his love of cricket led him to develop the Flicx Cricket Pitch. In August 1997, he rolled out the first one at Telkom Country Club in Pretoria, South Africa.

In 1999, after creating a successful business in South Africa, Flicx launched the Flicx Cricket Pitch at the England and Wales Cricket coaching conference. We were met with a tremendous response and the ECB ordered 800 pitches for grass roots cricket in the UK.

In 2001 Flicx took over the Brell Bowling Machines brand and have developed and refined them so that we are now offering superior machines to all levels of the cricket fraternity.

In 2001 the UK operation was split off from South Africa, and Flicx UK was formed. It is now a well-recognised and respected name in cricketing circles, with a growing reputation in other sports too.

Flicx’s belief is that if we can teach children at all levels, through sport, that life is about team work, individual skills and the will to win and not about selfishness, greed and individualism, they will have a wonderful opportunity for a better way of life.

Flicx South Africa has grown over the past decade and now offers a complete facilities solution to Home Users, Schools, Sports Clubs, Tertiary Institutions and International Venues.

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Country Club Jo’burg

Country Club Johannesburg - Woodmead installs Flicx's Nets.

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Ermelo Cricket Centre installs Flicx's Nets.

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Sandhurst Installation - Flicx's Nets.