Cricket Equipment

Buy all your cricket equipment at flicx South Africa, we supply the largest selection of indoor and outdoor cricket equipment.

Moveable Sightscreen

Netting Screens

To protect windows.
To protect balls from being puntured on palisade fences.
To protect cars from balls.

Resurfacing Cricket Pitch – Fibregrass Surface

Resurfacing Cricket Pitch – Oval Pitch

Cricket Netting

We supply two different grades of cricket netting.

2.5mm Thick
45mm Mesh

1.8mm Thick
38mm Mesh

All netting is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE)

All sizes available and is sold per m²


Boundary Ropes

Flicx Polysteel Boundary Ropes 28mm and 32mm

Available in any length longer that 100m

Pitch Covers

Available in:
500 gm² PVC
700 gm² PVC

Most colours availabe.

Home Net System, Seamer, Auto feeder

Home Net Systems

Customised to the clients needs.

Cricket Balls

We supply a wide variety of cricket balls.
Prices on request.

Foam Products

Flicx South Africa now supplies a large range of Foam Products

Landing Mats
High Jump Mats

Tackle Bags
Contact Shields
Post Protectors
Field Markers
Power Bags

Post Protectors

Ball Stoppers

Boundary Rope Wedges

Gym Mats

Punching Bags

Advertising Wedges

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Country Club Jo’burg

Country Club Johannesburg - Woodmead installs Flicx's Nets.

Ermelo Cricket Centre

Ermelo Cricket Centre installs Flicx's Nets.

Sandhurst Installation

Sandhurst Installation - Flicx's Nets.