Cricket Netting

We supply two different grades of cricket netting.

2.5mm Thick
45mm Mesh

1.8mm Thick
38mm Mesh

All netting is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE)

All sizes available and is sold per m²


Boundary Boards

Steel hammer-in spikes

Custom made

Soccer Posts

Full Range of Permanent,Portable and Mini Posts available

Permanent goal post with ground sleeves and optional ground net attachment.

Large range of mini post available.
Painted steel
Fully welded

Full Size Posts

Portable Soccer Posts

Soccer Rugby Combo

Netball Posts

Full range of netball posts available.

Heavy duty

Ground sleeves

Adjustable ring height
Junior and senior ring

Standard Post

Painted steel
Fully welded

Post protectors available
Nets available

Basketball Posts

Range of basketball posts available.

Heavy duty

Ground sleeves

Full backboard
Fan backboard

HD Basketball

Standard Post with Full Backboard

Portable Home Post

Nets available

Basketball – Portable

Soccer/Rugby Combination Poles

Standard senior soccer goal with 9m rugby posts.

Painted steel
Fully Welded
With ground sleeves

Synthetic Surfaces

We at Flicx supply two different types of synthetic synthetic grass prices, other that the Flicx range of pithces.


artificial grass synthetic grass synthetic grass prices


Oval Pitch Turf
This is the top of the range synthetic surface. It is made from a polyethelene yarn with a pile height of 12mm.
The carpet is 12mm thick with a 7-year UV warranty and… Continue reading


Flicx Grandstands

5 Tier Grandstand.

Seating for 40
Made from durable steel, high quality enamel paint.
Easily movable (wheels available)
Steady (will not tip over)

5 Tier with Galavanised sheet roof.






5 Tier with Shadecloth roof and handrails.






3 Tier Grandstand.

Seating for 24
Made from durable steel, high quality enamel paint.
Easily movable (wheels available)
Steady (will not tip over)


Clint 082 491 9873



Officials stand

Flicx Officials stand

Available in 3, 4 or 5 tier
Seating for 2 people per tier
Made from durable steel, high quality enamel paint.
Easily movable

Umpire and Bowling Machine Feeder Chair

Suitable for tennis and volleyball umpires or for use by person feeding balls into the bowling machine.
Made from durable steel, high quality enamel paint.
Easily movable

Boundary Ropes

Flicx Polysteel Boundary Ropes 28mm and 32mm

Available in any length longer that 100m

Volleyball Posts

Permanent and portable posts available

Pitch Covers

Available in:
500 gm² PVC
700 gm² PVC

Most colours availabe.

Home Net System, Seamer, Auto feeder

Home Net Systems

Customised to the clients needs.

Brell Auto Feeder

Stand alone ball feeding machine.
Can be used with any bowling machine.
Remote controlled – allowing the batsman to control the deliveries or the coach to stand next to the batsman and coach.
Manually controlled – in the event of the remote being misplaced or the batteries going flat, it can still operate.
Takes 18 balls.

Manufactured by us.
Spares and back-up service always available.

Finish: Powdercoated

Cricket Balls

We supply a wide variety of cricket balls.
Prices on request.

Foam Products

Flicx South Africa now supplies a large range of Foam Products

Landing Mats
High Jump Mats

Tackle Bags
Contact Shields
Post Protectors
Field Markers
Power Bags

Post Protectors

Ball Stoppers

Boundary Rope Wedges

Gym Mats

Punching Bags

Advertising Wedges

Flicx Steel Wicket

The Flicx Steel Wicket is a must for use with a bowling machine. Wood does not stand up to the hammering from an accurate deliivery.

Flicx Rebound Net

The Flicx Rebound Net is a great coaching aid for any cricketer. Suitable for all ages, it develops hand eye co-ordination as well as catching skills. Sturdy steel frame construction with heavy duty cricket netting. The Flicx rebound net can be adjusted to deflect the ball at different angles. Balls that can be used vary from tennis balls to slazballs to cricket balls.

Flicx Carry Cradle

The Flicx Carry Cradle makes moving your Flicx Cricket Pitch a breeze. Now one person can do the job in double quick time. Simply place the cradle over your Flicx Pitch & hook the straps onto the cradle & off you go. Something every school with a Flicx Pitch should have & every school looking to purchase a Flicx Pitch must have.

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Country Club Jo’burg

Country Club Johannesburg - Woodmead installs Flicx's Nets.

Ermelo Cricket Centre

Ermelo Cricket Centre installs Flicx's Nets.

Sandhurst Installation

Sandhurst Installation - Flicx's Nets.