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Brell Express Cricket Bowling Machines

Cricket bowling machines
The two wheel professional Brell Express Cricket bowling machines, is ideal for high school and club level cricket. Its electronic controls allow you to “bowl” every delivery available in the book. Continue reading

Brell Seamer Bowling Machine

The single wheel Brell Seamer is ideal for primary school level cricket. It is the ideal piece of equipment to develop youngsters technique from an early age. Speeds are manually adjusted using a compression plate.Speeds range from 0 to 95 km/h. The Brell Seamer is able to “bowl ” every delivery in the book,from in & out swingers to leg & off break. The machine is fully guaranteed,portable & easy to carry.

Manufactured by us.
Spares and back-up service always available.

2 year limited warranty.
Motors, wheels – 1 year warranty.
Workmanship – 2 year warranty.
Finish: Powdercoated

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