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Brell Auto Feeder

Brell Auto Feeder

Stand alone ball feeding machine.
Can be used with any bowling machine.
Remote controlled – allowing the batsman to control the deliveries or the coach to stand next to the batsman and coach.
Manually controlled – in the event of the remote being misplaced or the batteries going flat, it can still operate.
Takes 18 balls.

Manufactured by us.
Spares and back-up service always available.

Finish: Powdercoated

Rugby Poles

Junior Poles – 9m Senior Poles – 10.5m

Painted steel
Fully Welded
With ground sleeves

Snr Rugby Poles

Ground sleeves or Hinged Ground Attachment

Soccer Rugby combo

Post protectors also available

Brell Bowling Machine Balls

Designed for use in both the Brell Seamer & Brell Express bowling machines. The balls are available in boxes of 6. They are dimpled, have a forgiving centre & are bat friendly.

Brell Bowling Machine Balls 120g (box of 6)

This is the standard machine ball to be used with Brell Bowling Machines, for all levels – from home use to national use.


Brell Bowling Machine Kids Ball 100g (box of 6)

-Lighter and more kid friendly.
-Ideal for ages 5–8yrs.

Rugby Scrumming Machines

Scrum Maul

Fully Welded Steel

Line Marking Machines

A range of different line marking machines available.

Manual line marking machine

Flicx Cricket Pitches

Flicx South Africa offers a full range of Flicx and synthetic Cricket Pitches for both match and practice, indoor and outdoor. The Flicx range has been designed to meet your needs from Club and School cricket to back garden cricket.

Flicx Match Pitch

Flicx Hockey/Fielder Machine (BHF)

The Brell Hockey/Fielder (BHF) was developed to give the hockey coach and the cricket coach the ability to train their players more effectively – all with one machine. The BHF was developed with this dual purpose in mind.
Using hockey practice balls, and through precision repetitive drills, the coach can use the abhf to hone the players’ skills. Unlike… Continue reading

Tug Of War Ropes

Lap Counting Board

Comes with a very easy to change manual number.

Winners Podium

Winners podium can be custom designed to suit customer.

Discus/Shotput Circle

Discuss Cage

Cage at Heronbridge.

The net is hoisted into position by means of a rope.

We can customise the cage to the customers requirements.

Brell Bowling Machine Protective Covers

Brell Express protective cover

Brell Seamer protective cover

Made from heavy duty PVC and allows one to leave one’s machine outdoors.

Scoreboard and Events Boards


Flicx scoreboard utilise a unique numbering system, which is efficient and easy to operate. Events boards & score boards come in various sizes and configurations and can be customised to suit customer requirements.

Scoreboard 3 x 2

Hockey Goals

Full range of hockey goalposts available.Standard,Premium,Astro

Standard Goal

Light steel construction
Fully welded
Premium Goal

Heavy steel construction
Fully welded

Astro Goal

Bolted steel construction
Partially welded
Nets Available

Netting Screens

To protect windows.
To protect balls from being puntured on palisade fences.
To protect cars from balls.

Free Standing Cricket Nets (Click here to view)

Free Standing Cricket Nets

Enjoy hours and hours of extra practice in the safety of your own home with the Flicx Home Cricket System. Ideal for “homework”, where you can practice your cricket strokes at home. Use in conjunction with the Brell bowling machine for consistant deliveries. Junior and senior sizes available.

Permanent Net Systems – Home, School or Club

We do a range of permanent net systems for the home, club and school market.


sandhurst-2   sandhurst-6

School net system with Fibregrass surface.


School(The Ridge) net system with rubber wet-pour run-ups


Country Club Johannesburg  - Woodmead.


Ermelo Cricket Centre.… Continue reading

Synthetic Cricket Pitch Refurbishments and Net Repairs


We do this by removing the old carpet,removing the old glue and making the concrete smooth.

Removing old glue and making concrete smooth.

Concrete now ready for glue and new surface.

Applying the glue and new surface.

Surface applied.


We also repair or replace your cricket netting.
We will also repair or replace your net structure.

Upgrade to Heronbridge lower nets.

Resurfacing Cricket Pitch – Fibregrass Surface

Resurfacing Cricket Pitch – Oval Pitch

Flicx Skills Cricket Pitch

The Flicx Skills Pitch is designed to help both bowlers & batsman improve there game.

From a batsman’s point of view, there are markings in front of the crease for the forward defensive shot as well as markings behind the crease for the cut & pull shots.

From a bowlers point of view ther are wide markings,blocks for short of a length & full of a length deliveries as well as an lbw line.

Pitches are available in various sizes, are long lasting & require minimal maintenence.

Basketball/Netball Swivel Combination

Basketball Netball Combo

Cricket Netting

We supply two different grades of cricket netting.

2.5mm Thick
45mm Mesh

1.8mm Thick
38mm Mesh

All netting is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE)

All sizes available and is sold per m²


Boundary Boards

Steel hammer-in spikes

Custom made

Soccer Posts

Full Range of Permanent,Portable and Mini Posts available

Permanent goal post with ground sleeves and optional ground net attachment.

Large range of mini post available.
Painted steel
Fully welded

Full Size Posts

Portable Soccer Posts

Soccer Rugby Combo

Netball Posts

Full range of netball posts available.

Heavy duty

Ground sleeves

Adjustable ring height
Junior and senior ring

Standard Post

Painted steel
Fully welded

Post protectors available
Nets available

Basketball Posts

Range of basketball posts available.

Heavy duty

Ground sleeves

Full backboard
Fan backboard

HD Basketball

Standard Post with Full Backboard

Portable Home Post

Nets available

Basketball – Portable

Soccer/Rugby Combination Poles

Standard senior soccer goal with 9m rugby posts.

Painted steel
Fully Welded
With ground sleeves

Synthetic Surfaces

We at Flicx supply two different types of synthetic synthetic grass prices, other that the Flicx range of pithces.


artificial grass synthetic grass synthetic grass prices


Oval Pitch Turf
This is the top of the range synthetic surface. It is made from a polyethelene yarn with a pile height of 12mm.
The carpet is 12mm thick with a 7-year UV warranty and… Continue reading

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Country Club Jo’burg

Country Club Johannesburg - Woodmead installs Flicx's Nets.

Ermelo Cricket Centre

Ermelo Cricket Centre installs Flicx's Nets.

Sandhurst Installation

Sandhurst Installation - Flicx's Nets.